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would you rather lick a slimy pickle or eat a banana off the floor ;-)

me: eat a banana off the floor bc pickles ew

allie: eat a banana off the floor 

my ship: calum ofc

why: ur adorable and he’s adorable and it would just be an adorableness overload ok

allie’s ship: michael

random thoughts from allie: my cat is attacking my feet

compliment: ur so cute pls teach me

blog rate: 1000/10

my sister is taking too long to do the ‘why’ so she’ll just do random thoughts lmao

fish and ships with my sister

my sister is an armature shipper so she’s too lazy to do the why too lmao


i’m sad again so it’s time for more ships but this time they’re different bc i’m doing them with my sister ok here we go


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my sister feels weird complimenting people she doesn’t know so i’ll just do the compliments ok lol

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i’m sad again so it’s time for more ships but this time they’re different bc i’m doing them with my sister ok here we go


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5 seconds of summer - best july tweets

luke // ashton // michael // calum

Please help me i feel so depressed and alone and worthless. I feel like everybody hate me and they really don't care a out me. I even found a group chat of my 3 best friends and all they talked about on it was me, about how stupid i was and how pathetic i was. MY. BEST. FRIENDS. I am okay with one of them now and all 4 of us speak but i can tell two of them secretly hate my guts. I feel crap every time i think about it which is all the time. I don't want to feel like this anymore. I feel empty.

you’re not worthless. i know that empty feeling as well, but what i would do is try to reach out to other people. if you know that that group of friends isn’t working out, it may be best to find other friends who wouldn’t do that to you. x

I ship you with. My cats paw


Please help me, im sick and tired of the people i thought were my friends treating me badly, the only reason i stay with them is because the people who actually treat me right are with them and they won't leave the group. Im sick and tired of feeling unwanted and alone...

you’re not alone or unwanted. if i were you i would just distance myself from those who are treating me poorly and just focus on my true, better friends. i only have a few friends, myself, and it can be hard sometimes because i see everyone else with huge groups of friends, while i’ve only got about five. just stay close to those who are good to you, and maybe try to reach out to more people and befriend them (that’s one of my goals this year tbh)

Hey Cassie, I'm feeling really down recently and i don't know what to. I feel like everybody hates me and i feel so alone right now. I don't know what i have done to anybody and even my closest friends are walking away from me. I have two close friends that have turned really horrible and mean. One of them had left their messages open on their phone and being the nosey person i am, i read a few of them, they was only talking about me, it was horrible stuff, i wanted to cry. I'm giving up.

aw i’m sorry that happened :-( please don’t give up. there are so many more people who care about you than you realize. just hang in there and you will find out. i care about you and i hate for you to be sad. just talk to me whenever you need to and i’ll be here x

I only have one guy friend and we used to be really close, and then the other day we went to the park, and we went back to his house to watch paranormal activity 4 and it wasn't awkward because we sat on different seats. but now we hardly speak after that day and im sad but I fee like im bothering him when I talk to him, but we are planning to go to a concert together in October which should be fun :) love you and your blog btw xxx

it’s good that you’re going to a concert together! maybe seeing the performance will help you reconnect or something and you could be close again :-) good luck and thank youuu ily too x